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This is the development page for the KrkNLO project. This project has been recently created — please come back soon for more information. Thank you!

The KrkNLO method provides NLO QCD corrections to hard processes using LO parton-shower Monte Carlo events. It does so by making use of dedicated Monte Carlo (MC) scheme Parton Distribution Functions (PDFs) combined with a simple, postitive-definite, per-event kinematic weight.

Download & Usage

KrkNLO is available as part of the Herwig 7.1 release, which can be downloaded here. The MC-scheme PDF sets can be found in this respository.

For a more detailed description please consult the wiki.



  • Stanislaw Jadach
  • Graeme Nail
  • Wiesław Płaczek
  • Sebastian Sapeta
  • Andrzej Siódmok
  • Maciej Skrzypek